My name is Carlos Lidón and I’m a UI Artist and UX Designer. Visual communication is my passion and exploring, creating and growing is what motivates me most.

Coming from a Graphic and Webdesign background, I have more than three years experience developing Games for Mobile and PC.  I worked with Unity and Lumberyard (based on CryEngine) and I have experience with different UI Solutions such as Scaleform, NGUI or Unity’s and Lumberyard’s UI Editor. Preparing wireframes and interactive prototypes, defining the UI Style, creating the UI Art and animations as well as integrating them into the Engines are some of the things I do.

At the moment I’m working fulltime at King as UI/UX Artist. I also just released an Android App, Worktimer.


Want to know more?

I’m always open to new challenges. If you have an interesting proposition,
be it a project of any scale or a collaboration, just drop me a line!

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