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BAM! Battles and Monsters



BAM! Battles and Monsters is a card game for iOS and Android developed by Aeria Games.

At BAM! I was working as Lead UI Artist and I was responsible for creating the whole UI Art as well as its integration.
I was responsible for a team of 3 UI/Graphic Designers including myself, defining the style of the UI, designing mockups and
deciding the layout of the different pages. Once the mockups were approved, creating all the art for the UI:
buttons, headers, icons, items, logos, animations, frames, backgrounds, etc.

I have included some of the mockups that I created and most of the UI Art that I did for the game,
including the animation of characters that I did as a first test for the game. All the elements below were created by me
except the characters themselves and the backgrounds that were created by other talented artists in the team.


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