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Dawn of Gods is a free to play real-time strategy mobile game developed by U9 Time and published by Aeria Games

At Dawn of Gods I was working as Lead UI / Graphic Designer, leading a team of 3 Graphic Designers and 2 Game Artists.
I was in charge of defining the UI Style of the game, producing the whole UI Art with my team and taking care of its integration.
As I lead, I was the go-to person for everything related to UI and 2D Assets, coordinating with the Product owner,
Project Manager andthe other Leads.

I was coordinating, assigning and supervising all the tasks within my team, making sure that we met all the requirements in time.
Apart from creating all the UI Assets for the game, I was also responsible for preparing the Localization of all the images and
bitmap texts to both French and German, using the English version as the default one.

During this time I was also in touch with the Chinese developers at U9 suggesting UX improvements for the game and
requesting changes to improve the visual quality of the game.

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All the above images are in-game screenshots from the Release build.

Card Frame Design

Examples from the UI Kit.

Official TV Commercial.